Get to Know Linda

With a great sense of Joy and full commitment to teaching yoga, Linda will offer you a practice that is safe and inspirational whether you are a true beginner or a seasoned practitioner.

Linda’s journey into the practice and study of yoga began over fourteen years ago. While exploring various styles of yoga, she was instantly drawn to the healing and transformative benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Linda’s Anusara influenced Vinyasa yoga classes offer a challenging and fun way to release tension and to create strength, endurance and flexibility. Universal principles of alignment are emphasized allowing for asanas (postures) to be practiced in a safe and nurturing environment, bringing full awareness to breath and meditation in every pose. Linda guides her students to explore an opening of heart while experiencing inner stillness and grace on and off the mat.


Linda received her 200 hour yoga training and certification from Jeanie Carlstead and Gerhard Gessner and continues to study and draw inspiration from Jeanie Carlstead, Amanda McCarroll, and Maral Hadidi, along with the amazing yoga instructors and students at La Jolla Yoga Center.